1. Yeah But No
    Berlin, Germany
  2. Asbjørn
    Berlin, Germany
  3. Bodi Bill
    Berlin, Germany
  4. Einar Stray Orchestra
    Oslo, Norway
  5. HOPE
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Hundreds
    Hamburg, Germany
  7. Jan Roth
    Leipzig, Germany
  8. La Boum Fatale
    Berlin, Germany
  9. Lessons
    Helsinki, Finland
  10. Me And My Drummer
    Berlin, Germany
  11. Miss Kenichi
    Berlin, Germany
  12. Odd Beholder
    Zürich, Switzerland
  13. Rue Royale
    Nottingham, UK
  14. The/Das
    Berlin, Germany
  15. We Are The City
    Vancouver, Washington


Sinnbus Berlin, Germany

Sinnbus was founded in 2003. Over the years Sinnbus developed from representing a local Berlin scene to a well known label in Europe and has earned a high reputation for its high quality releases and great artists. Sinnbus now serves as a label, music publisher and occasional concert promoter. The style of music released on Sinnbus varies from post-rock to indie, pop and electronica. ... more

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